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Team 4613 - The Barker Redbacks are a high school FRC robotics team based in Northern Sydney in Australia. We started our team in 2013, competing in smaller competitions. Now, our team is globally known and travels to regionals to qualify for one of the World Championships held by FIRST Robotics, in Houston, Texas.


So far we have achieved several awards. We have been expanding our team since we started and have also been travelling to places such as the USA, China and Canada to compete in a range of different competitions.

The Barker Robotics FRC team was founded in 2013. The team has been growing ever since and there are now 50 year 9 - 12 students and 7 dedicated mentors. 


Our mission is to:

  • create a space for technically minded, business focused and creative students to work together in a team-oriented environment, creating the leaders of tomorrow; and

  • maximise the creative and intelligent capacity of the students through a rewarding and enriching program, challenging them to become better so they have the skills and confidence to do what they never thought they could.


What we do:

Students are led through an engineering process that involves designing, prototyping, constructing and testing their robot so that it can complete the tasks required to be a competitive player.

Students can also work on photography, website design, business planning, outreach presentations, marketing strategies and promotional material.  


Barker Robotics provides a rounded educational experience, equipping students with skills that few other high school programs can offer. Teaching communication, teamwork, leadership, and initiative, whilst having fun and pursuing their passion whether technical, business or artistic.

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Barker College Robotics relies on external support from mentors and sponsors. We are seeking individual and corporate sponsors that can help by dedicating time to mentor students, donating materials and services or by providing financial support. Businesses can benefit through targeted brand exposure across a national and international competition schedule, community engagement and enhanced staff morale.


For more information on sponsorship, or if you are interested in sponsoring us, please go to our 'Sponsorship' page by following this link.

frc team 4613 - barker redbacks

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