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FIRST Power Up

2018 Game Reveal

2018 Robot Reveal - Scorpion

FIRST Power Up is played by two competing Alliances of three Robots each on a flat 27’ x 54’ foot field. Teams collect cubes to place on double-platform scales to gain ownership for as long as possible, earning one point per second of ownership. Power cubes may also be exchanged for three different power ups, and each power up may be activated once per match. The three power ups are: force, levitate and boost. Force gains ownership of switches, levitate earns the alliance an extra climb and boost doubles points earned per second of ownership. All three power ups last for ten seconds, and may not be used in conjunction with each other. At the end of the game, all three robots aim to climb onto a ~33cm wide rung ~210cm off the ground. The match has a 15 second autonomous period followed by a 2 minute 15 second teleoperated period. Teams may only attempt to climb in the endgame, the final 30 seconds of the match.

We competed at the Southern Cross Regional on 11-13 March and won the competition as the first seed alliance, as well as picking up the Industrial Design Award. We participated in the South Pacific Regional later that week (16-18 March), losing our first Australian competition since the inaugural Australian Regional in 2015. We were awarded the Quality Award. Following the regional competitions, the team was placed in the Galileo subdivision at the Houston World Championships. The Redbacks finished the qualification matches seeded third out of 68 teams, before being eliminated in the quarterfinals. Team 4613 won the Excellence in Engineering Award.

The annual offseason event Duel Down Under followed in late July, with both 4613 practice bot and our newly-built elevator robot Sid competing. Both teams did extremely well, with the practice bot finishing 4th and Sid in a respectable 12th. Both teams faced off in the semifinal, with 4613 prevailing in Alliance 1 against Sid's alliance 4. With a great win in the first match of the DDU final, 4613 blew a one match lead and succumbed to a first DDU final loss in four years.


  • Unique flipping arm design intended to score in the vault, switch and scale

  • Compact folding climber, deploys in <4 seconds

  • Octagonal bumpers to minimise contact with the switch during cube depositing in autonomous and drive-by teleop manouvres

  • Climbing bar for assistive climbing with another alliance partner

  • Special climbing hook requires minimal space on the climbing rung, allowing space for alliance partners to climb

  • Multiple autonomous routines designed to be flexible with alliance partners and capable starting in any default position on the field

  • Special 4 cube autonomous into the switch and/or scale



Southern Cross Regional:

Rank: 2 of 40

Regional Winners

Industrial Design Award

South Pacific Regional:

Rank: 4 of 42

Regional Finalists

Quality Award

World Championships - Houston - Galileo Subdivision

Rank: 3 of 68

Excellence in Engineering Award



Southern Cross Regional:

Qualification - Results

Qualification - Final Rankings

Elimination Match Results

South Pacific Regional:

Qualification - Results

Qualification - Final Rankings

Elimination Match Results

World Championship - Houston - Galileo Subdivision

Qualification - Results

Qualification - Final Rankings

Elimination Match Results

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