destination: deep space

2019 Game Reveal


Destination: Deep Space


2019 Robot Reveal - HUNTSMAN

Destination: Deep Space is played by two competing Alliances of three Robots each on a flat 27’ x 54’ foot field. The match begins with a 15 second 'Sandstorm period', where drivers' vision is obstructed by blackout curtains. The robots may run on either code, or be driven using cameras and sensors on the robot. The 15 second period is followed by a 2 minute 15 second teleoperated period, when the curtains are raised and drivers regain vision to the field. Teams aim to collect circular hatch panels to attack to different levels on rockets and cargo ships, and fill the hatches with medium sized balls as cargo. Any cargo loaded without a hatch panel secured will fall out, and teams will not gain any points. To complete one rocket, teams must fit six hatch panels and six balls into the rocket, and eight of each into the cargo ship. One ranking point is gained from finishing a rocket. Each hatch panel secured is worth 2 points, and 3 points are awarded per piece of cargo loaded. The other ranking point comes in the final 30 seconds of the match, where robots must return to their habitat by climbing onto platforms on their side of the field.There are three levels, with the first level accessible by a 15 degree ramp. Three points are awarded for a robot finishing the match on the first level, 6 points for the second level, and 12 points for the highest level

The Barker Redbacks placed third after the qualification rounds at the Southern Cross Regional, joining 5985 - Project Bucephalus in Alliance 1 and winning the competition, whilst also picking up the Excellence in Engineering Award. The South Pacific Regional was slightly less successful, ranking 7th and being knocked out in the quarterfinals. However, the team picked itself up and reached the semifinals after placing fifth at the Quebec Regional in Canada, and claiming the Chairman's Award for the first time since 2017. The team played extremely well in a stacked Turing Subdivision at the Houston Championships, but two decisive losses meant the reds had to settle for 5th place. The team's Championship run also ended in the quarterfinals for the second year running


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Status: Fully Functional
Weight: N/A
Size: N/A
  • Rolling conveyor allows cargo to be dispatched without turning

  • Clips allow hatches to be collected and placed without separate mechanisms therefore saving precious seconds

  • Suction arm provides extra leverage during climb

  • Multiple robot climbing mechanism capable of lifting heavy robots with little fear of tipping or breaking

  • Active ground intake for hatches to slide seamlessly onto robot

  • Multiple autonomous routines designed to be flexible with alliance partners and capable starting in any default position on the field

  • Special 'levitating' climbing mechanism smoothly rolls HUNTSMAN onto the third climbing level before bringing others up



Southern Cross Regional:

Rank: 3

Regional Winners

Excellence in Engineering Award

South Pacific Regional:

Rank: 7


Festival de Robotique a Quebec City Regional:

Rank: 5


Regional Chairman's Award

World Championships - Houston - Turing Subdivision

Rank: 5

Championship Turing Subdivision Quarterfinalists