about arachne

ARACHNE is a student project which consists of a code library in java to simplify coding. ARACHNE consists of almost the entire java code library, over 100 files, reducing it to about 10. It is designed to help rookie teams program their autonomous routines by reducing the files needed and providing a visual factor into programming. We have uploaded tutorial videos about ARACHNE on our YouTube channel, and answered questions about it in our frequent phone calls. ARACHNE was initially released to teams at the start of 2017, however it is still being developed and updates are released regularly.

Sean Zammit, who created and developed ARACHNE, was recognised for his work with a Dean's List Finalist Award in 2017.



Standard setup for FRC programming

CTRE Library

Setting CAN IDs

More information may be found in the ARACHNE section of our YouTube channel here.

Dean's List Finalist 2017

Developer of ARACHNE

Sean Zammit