2020 AND 2021 Robot Reveal - Soon!

about the game

Looking at Destination: Deep Space Presented by The Boeing Company, our first thoughts were for efficiency and teamwork between each member of the alliance. Our lovely robot is capable of loading all levels of the rocket, climbing to the third HAB level and filling the cargo hold, all with both balls and hatches

The mechanisms used in the robot were more straightforward than in previous years, with rollers on to carry the cargo by the top and bottom and small clips to hold the hatches in place. Assisting other robots in the endgame was also a priority, by pushing ourselves up first and securing our position, before hoisting other robots up to stay there until the conclusion of the match. By securing our position first, the chances of tipping or an insecure climb is lessened and our wonderful alliance partners can climb with us within 15 seconds of deploying

We have been fortunate enough to attend both Sydney Regionals mid-March and the Quebec Regional for the first time this year, so we'll see you all there! Many thanks to Barker College, IFI and our many sponsors for their contributions during this extremely tense and action-packed build season. Best of luck to all our fellow FRC teams competing in the next seven weeks!