Back from China!

Our team is on their way back from China after a very successful trip to Zhengzhou. Our team helped build robots in three days as well as participating in the annual China Robotics Challenge, sponsored by the CUYRA (China Urban Youth Robotics Alliance). We also gave presentations about essential aspects of managing a robotics team such as budgeting a build season and following a business plan to be an organised and successful team. Afterwards we competed in the annual CRC and were ranked 3rd after qualification and forming a great alliance with Team Titanium 1986 and continued through and won the event. It was great to make new friends as well as catch up with old ones like team 1772 - The Brazilian Trail Blazers and 694 - StuyPulse.

Congratulations to all teams who took part and we hope to see you again next year!

#2017 #China #BarkerCollege #Redbacks4613 #FIRSTSteamworks #CUYRA

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