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On January 8 at 2:00am, we were made aware of the official 2017 FIRST game, FIRST Steamworks! We built a robot in six weeks, rushed through four regionals winning a few awards, placed in Hopper Subdivision at the first ever split championship held in Houston and St Louis, arrived back in Australia just in time for school, participated in Duel Down Under and the China Robotics Challenge, and now continuing with our Middle School Robotics program!

We have had many joyful experiences throughout the season and have worked hard day and night to design, build and compete. We are proud to release our 2017 season recap video, which starts from build season to Champs and travelling around the United States. The experiences from our students, parents and mentors are invaluable and we would love to thank all of you for your hard work this year.

Nothing happens in our team without the help of our sponsors, including Barker College, AARNet and IFI, which we would like to personally thank for their contributions this season. We couldn’t have done it without you.

We hope you enjoy the video and be sure to visit our website for more information about our team! #Redbacks4613


Alliance partners:

Team 1884 – Griffins & Team 6361 – The Blazer

Awards: Regional winners, Engineering Inspiration Award

Southern Cross

Alliance partners:

Team 1772 – The Brazilian Trail Blazers & Team 6523 – Condobolin High School

Awards: Regional winners, Woodie Flowers Finalist Award (John Nicholls), Excellence in Engineering Award

South Pacific

Alliance partners: Team 3132 – Thunder Down Under & Team 5648 – Melbourne RoboCats

Awards: Regional winners, Dean’s List Finalist Award (Sean Zammit), Excellence in Engineering Award

New York City

Alliance partners: Team 3419 – RoHawks & Team 5891 – UASGC Robosquad

Awards: Regional winners, Chairman’s Award

Hopper Subdivision – Houston Championship

Alliance partners: Team 5458 – Digital Minds, Team 5429 – Black Knights & Team 2587 – DiscoBots

Awards: Championship Subdivision Finalist, Innovation in Control Award

Duel Down Under - Team 4613

Alliance Partners: 8510 - Pymble Pride TOO, 6434 Bossley Park High School (Wolfgang)

Awards: Winners

Duel Down Under - Team 8613

Alliance Partners: 5985 - Project Bucephalus, 4537 RoboRoos, 6575 - Tempe T-Rex

Awards: Quarter Finalists

China Robotics Challenge

Alliance Partners: 1986 Team Titanium, 6706 GOLEM, 9067

Awards: Winners, Ambassador Award

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