FTC: Preview, Teams, Schedule and MORE

As the competition for our FTC teams starts tomorrow, we look at how our students' robots have progressed over the past 3 months and how we may progress in the competition in 24 hours time.


The teams have been numbered as follows: Orangebacks #11143, Bluebacks #11144, Greenbacks #11145, Pinkbacks #11146. As they all belong to the same parent team, The Barker Redbacks, they all have the same spider logo, the only difference being the name, colour and number. There is no Redbacks team to avoid confusion with the FRC team.

The robots built are completely different and each team will have their own strategy and point limit. From the progress made at school, all four teams will be capable of being selected as an alliance partner and at least two Barker teams may be strong enough to delve deep in the knockout stages of the competition.


The Barker Orangebacks #11143 consists (mostly) of senior students moving into Year 11 in 2018 but have joined the FRC team in recent months. The advanced mechanics involved with the robot will confirm the completion of game objectives.

The Barker Bluebacks #11144 consists of students (mostly) moving into Year 10 in 2018 and have completed the Middle School Robotics program the previous year. This means they have the necessary experience from the program and will be able to provide competition through efficient point scoring during the match as well.

The Barker Greenbacks #11145 consists of students moving into Year 10 in 2018 but have been part of the FRC team for at least one build season. Their youth and wealth in experience will provide a solid foundation to compete against other teams at the competition.

The Barker Pinkbacks #11146 are our veteran team, consisting of students moving into Year 11 in 2018 and have been part of FRC for at least two build seasons. Their lateral thinking during the design process ensures they are our most complex team yet.


Our teams' schedule for the competition is below:


Any tournament involving FIRST is hard to predict as many teams do not reveal their robots until competition and even then some will be favoured over others.

The Barker teams target against their internal ranking were as follows:

1) Pinkbacks - Win the competition

2) Orangebacks - Reach the final

3) Bluebacks - Reach the final

4) Greenbacks - Reach semifinal

As listed, the Pinkbacks were voted most likely to succeed out of the other Barker teams by our team and mentors. The position of the Orangebacks and the Bluebacks were highly debated as both teams were competent at completing tasks and had similar ambitions. The Greenbacks' building was still in progress at the time (about a month ago) but much needed progress was completed and the situation has changed greatly.

Possible Barker Alliances

The best possible Barker alliance would consist of the Pinkbacks and the Orangebacks, or the Orangebacks and the Bluebacks as each robot completes a different aspect of the game and the teams working together could potentially drive through the knockout stages of the competition.

Target Qualification Ranks

The Pinkbacks will be aiming to reach the top of the ladder by the end of the qualification matches, while the Orangebacks and Bluebacks will both be looking for a place in the top half of the first eight teams. The Greenbacks closely follow with a spot above tenth place.

The action may be followed LIVE through the link on the FIRST Australia website: http://firstaustralia.org/Livestream/

Good luck to all teams participating! For more previews like this for our teams competing stay updated to our blog posts in our blog section of our website and subscribe to our website for exclusive information and important news and features.

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