FTC Australia: Tournament Recap

On December 9 and 10 four separate Barker College FTC Teams competed at Macquarie University for the 2017 FTC Australia Nationals Competition. After the qualification rounds, the Barker Pinkbacks were ranked 2nd and qualified as the second alliance captain. The Barker Bluebacks and the Barker Orangebacks were picked for the first alliance under the RoboKings. The Barker Greenbacks were also present at the event but were not picked for an alliance.

Both Barker alliances (1 and 2) proceeded to the finals in scintillating fashion, with Barker teams making up exactly half of the teams in the final. The first alliance (RoboKings, Bluebacks and Orangebacks) won two matches in succession to claim victory at the Nationals, and the Pinkbacks had to settle for a finalist position.

Congratulations to all teams who participated in the tournament, and especially the Trinity BaCoNeers who picked up the Inspire Award and were selected to represent Australia with the RoboKings at the 2018 Houston World Championships!

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