FTC Nationals - LIVE

The livestream for the event is available here:

The link for the video is: https://youtu.be/bx0f-F4dPr4


Three of four Barker teams were selected to compete in the elimination matches. The Barker Pinkbacks finished the qualification rounds ranked in 2nd place and therefore qualified as the captain of the second alliance. The Barker Bluebacks were the first pick of Alliance 1 and the Orangebacks joined them as the second pick.

Barker Alliances

Alliance 1: RoboKings - 12993 (Captain), Bluebacks (Pick 1), Orangebacks (Pick 2)

Alliance 2: Pinkbacks (Captain), Trinity BaCoNeers - 10247 (Pick 1), SMSHS - 4614 (Pick 2)

Semifinal 1

Match 1: The Bluebacks had connection issues with the robot and were not able to compete during the teleoperated period, and the Blue alliance won the match.

Result: Blue Wins 258 to 183

Match 2: The Orangebacks competed in this match and helped the RoboKings to secure a win to take the fixture into a semifinal tiebreaker.

Result: Red Wins 283 to 169

Match 3: The Bluebacks returned to the field and the match resulted in a win for the Red alliance, taking two Barker teams to the finals.

Result: Red Wins 350 to 240

Semifinal 2

Match 1: The Pinkbacks were instrumental in the first match securing a win for the Red alliance and lifting them up 1-0 in the series.

Result: Red Wins 117 to 75

Match 2: The Red alliance won the game once again, completing a fixture for the finals consisting of THREE Barker teams! Congratulations!

Result: Red Wins 222 to 121

Final Match 1

Blue Alliance: Pinkbacks and SMSHS

Red Alliance: RoboKings and Bluebacks

The first match consisted of the RoboKings and the Bluebacks in Alliance 1 against the Pinkbacks and SMSHS in the second alliance playing for the blue side. The match was tightly contested and resulted in a win for the Red alliance

Result: Red Wins 218 to 130

Final Match 2

Blue Alliance: Pinkbacks and Trinity BaCoNeers

Red Alliance: RoboKings and Orangebacks

One change for each alliance introduced two teams into the fray to compete in the second final match. The Orangebacks helped the RoboKings to mark a win in the tournament's final match.

Result: Red Wins 313 to 228

Red are the 2017 FTC Australia Nationals Champions!


Winners: Alliance 1 - RoboKings, Bluebacks, Orangebacks

Finalists: Alliance 2 - Pinkbacks, SMSHS, Trinity BaCoNeers

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