Week 0 Scrimmage

We hosted a scrimmage for local teams to play on a half-sized field. We managed to get through some technical issues related to online streaming and powered through the day.

The Barker Redbacks would like to thank all the teams who participated today, and we hope you all will return next year. Shoutout to all the students who gave up their time either practicing driving skills, helping each other out and hosting the event. Mentors were also heavily involved, organising teams and making sure their robots were ready to play today. Parents - amazing job, couldn't have asked for more. Whether it was running the field, scheduling matches, cooking awesome breakfast and lunch for the many people present, we thank you all for taking time out of your day to assist us in such a way this ran so smoothly.

If you're all wondering what's all the fuss about reveal videos, follow us at team4613.org, Facebook and Twitter as we've got one coming up very soon! In fact, I think we can use the 'Boost' Power Up to bring it forward to the next couple of days, don't you think?

#2018 #BarkerCollege #InnovationFirstInc #FIRSTPowerUp #Redbacks4613

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