First Day of Competition

Today was back into the rhythm of being at a regional competition; finding old friends, meeting new ones, and looking at the growing number of rookie teams participating in FIRST Power Up this year! Practice matches were smooth as we aim to fix several minor issues before qualification matches tomorrow morning.

Our first match is Q1 at approximately 9am tomorrow, followed by a stream of matches before wrapping up at Qualification 65 on Tuesday morning. Alliance selection follows through from that before playoff matches and the awards ceremony.

Full list of 4613 qualification matches tomorrow:

1 - Red

9 - Blue

13 - Blue

16 - Red

22 - Blue

26 - Red

31 - Red

36 - Blue

41 - Blue

47 - Blue

4613 qualification matches on Tuesday morning:

54 - Red

56 - Blue

65 - Red

During the competition, frequent updates will be posted through our Twitter account @BarkerRobotics, or simply watch the event LIVE at

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