Day 2 Update - Southern Cross Regional

A big second day for our teams as qualification matches began and results became our top priority. Today was a successful day, with two major turning points influencing the results at the conclusion of Day 2.

Team 4613 jumped straight out of the blocks in Qualification 1, the first match of the competition falling into a relatively straightforward 371 - 102 scoreline. We faced some small issues but the drive team were able to overcome the challenges, Qualification 9 bringing us a high score record second win (158 - 506), still unbeaten at the end of the day. Qualification 13 was a slightly tighter match, the Redbacks earning a hard fought win before taking away Qualification 16 after the hour long lunch break.

Qualification 22 was a major talking point for most attendees at the event, with the Redbacks succumbing to a defeat to first seed Team 4253 - Raid Zero from Taipei, Taiwan. We bounced back almost immediately, earning a win Qualification 26 before pulling off an unthinkable comeback against 4253 and 3132 in Qualification 31.

In all matches before Qualification 36, the two highest seeded teams both received three ranking points apiece from each match, except for the single loss for 4253 and 4613 against each other.

Unfortunately during Qualification 36, the Redbacks deposited the Power Cube agonisingly close to the switch during autonomous (without activating it), which resulted in only receiving two of four ranking points available. This lost ground on Team 4253, which continued to take three ranking points from all but one match. Qualification 41 continued as planned, a relatively straightforward win seeing us move to within one ranking point of Raid Zero in first place.

Partnering with Raid Zero in 4613's final match of the day - Qualification 47 - saw the first four ranking points earned in a single match. Following the success of the Auto Quest, the levitate option was utilised for Team 6998 (NNKIEH), while 4613 and 4253 climbed together for the first successful double climb of the day.

Team 4613 have three more qualification matches to take place tomorrow, with two in quick succession (54, 56) with the final qualification match of the competition also involving Barker (65). Alliance selection shall follow before playoff matches begin in the afternoon. To watch the playoff matches live, follow us on our Twitter @BarkerRobotics or go to for the livestream.

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