Day 3 Results - Southern Cross Regional

A wonderful day for our team as we collected a winners medal and the Industrial Design Award at the Southern Cross Regional today. A big thank you to our first seed alliance captain Team 4253 - Raid Zero and our second pick Team 4802 - Blacktown Girls.

We saw our form in the final three qualification matches slip as we picked up four ranking points from a possible 12, while top seed Raid Zero saw a much larger 10 points awarded to them, which saw us mathematically impossible to finish first by Qualification 56. Third placed 6579 Komplete Kaos Inc also received a massive 10 ranking points from their final three matches, which shut down the gap between second and third.

Team 4253, Raid Zero, invited us to join their first seed alliance, which saw us accept their invitation. Other teams picked their alliances before our second pick accepted the invitation, Team 4802 - Blacktown Girls.

The quarter finals against Alliance 8 ran smoothly with minimal complications, which saw us fighting for the scale in a narrow 452 - 317 victory before dismissing them in the second fixture relatively easily in a much larger 467 - 184 win.

The crowd watched on for our semifinal match against Alliance 4, but there was nothing to lose with Alliance 1 who ran riot in two 469 - 167 and 481 - 142 triumphs. The game itself was much closer than the scoreline suggests but tactics played a major role as Alliance 1 shut down the opposition for the majority of the match.

The finals were all the entertainment the audience wanted to see, which unfortunately saw Alliance 6 concede a number of fouls which increased the difference in scores in otherwise neck-to-neck matches. Alliance 1 claimed the regional win in two matches.

Plenty to talk about between teams and members as Team 4613 are proud to bring home their first blue banner of 2018. Our compact, modular robot design won the Industrial Design Award, a unique flipping arm mechanism a major factor in the award. Many thanks to our alliance partners Team 4253 Raid Zero and Team 4802 Blacktown Girls for the win, and all other teams who provided very tight competition to play against. Congratulations to the rookie teams, especially those who made it to the semifinals and/or placed as an alliance captain!

We will be competing at the South Pacific Regional on Friday to Sunday, so make sure you check back then on our Facebook @BarkerCollegeRobotics, Twitter @BarkerRobotics or use to watch the livestream.

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