Day 2 - South Pacific Regional

A frustrating day for Team 4613 today as we could only receive two ranking points for most of our matches. Our day started well, earning three RP from our first match before various issues stood in the way, our ranking dropping down to 7th before climbing up in our last match of the day to 4th - one of just two more 3RP matches through today. On the up side, we haven't lost a match today, something we have only achieved once last year - incidentally at this exact regional - losing only once in the semifinal.

Our campaign at the South Pacific Regional began strongly with a win in Qualification 2 (236 - 351), another following in Qualification 11 (141 - 459), before some dominating results in Qualification 16 (79 - 318) and a smashing high score of 510 - 134 in Qualification 21.

Following lunch, Qualification 30 was a closer 360 - 210 win, before a two robot alliance in Qualification 34 secured a 381 - 147 victory. Qualification 42 was a relatively simple match (118 - 411), before rounding off the day with a resounding last second victory in Qualification 52 (364 - 348).

Qualification matches 54 to 72 will continue tomorrow, before alliance selection and playoffs. Watch the event livestream at or follow @BarkerRobotics on Twitter for frequent updates.

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