Finalists, Quality Award - South Pacific

Our third and final day of regionals was off to a shaky start, thanks to Qualification 56 which had no less than 135 foul points, resulting in a high score record (until the quarterfinals) of 526 to 262. With 4613 only gaining one ranking point and first place IC Robotics (Team 5584) earning four for the match, right from the beginning it was mathematically impossible to finish the qualification rounds ranked first.

Qualification 60 provided some reassurance, with a 420 to 162 victory before playing with IC Robotics in Qualification 67 and earning four ranking points, confirming a slightly underwhelming fourth place finish after qualification.

Alliance selection was straightforward with little drama, with IC Robotics picking us to join Alliance #1 and Team 6050 (Wee Waa Bush Bots) as our second pick. The quarterfinals were near impossible for us to lose, downing alliance 8 in two straight matches 487 to 139, followed by the high score 528 - 275. A tight match between alliances 4 and 5 proved difficult for us to have sufficient time to work strategy for our semifinals, battling through a 425 - 264 win before the second match in our favour 452 - 178.

The Finals against teams 5663 - Ground Control, captain 5985 (Project Bucephalus), and second pick 7128 (XLR8), proved to be a difficult incident. The first match was to be ours, gaining ownership of both switch and scale before 5985 levelled the scale halfway through autonomous. A disabled robot on our alliance was at zero fault for the first loss, with chances wasted for poor accuracy, the final score heading to the second match at 161 to 348 in favour of the blue alliance.

Alliance 1 were simply outplayed in the second match, falling to a humbling 227 to 397 defeat, with 4613 losing an Australian Regional for the first time since the inaugural competition held in 2015. The match was all set once we lost control of the scale, 5663 and 5985 proving too clinical and efficient for both us and IC Robotics to take ownership. Overcrowding on our own switch proved their class, with our alliance simply earning points from the vault and climbs. A near domination performance saw Alliance 2 crowned well deserved champions, with team awards going to each of the winning teams as well: 5985 - Creativity Award, 5663 - Engineering Inspiration, 7128 - Rookie Inspiration.

Wee Waa Bush Bots were fantastic through the playoffs, the entire town watching the livestream of the finals. IC Robotics were no different, with plenty of supporters flooding the event in Sydney, travelling from Victoria. Undoubtedly the most important thank you to a team would head to alliance 2 for pushing us to such limits, we all tried to give the hardest match possible but in the end only one alliance will prevail as champions. At the end of the day, the real winner was Gracious Professionalism, which was shown all round the event. The award was handed to 6434 - Team Wolfgang from Bossley Park High School.

The Barker Redbacks will be travelling to Houston in April to compete in the World Championships. Information about the event will be released in the future. We hope to see as many Australian teams there as we can!

Thanks for following us through the competition week, updates will be posted closer to the Championships. #Redbacks4613

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