4613 @ Houston: Preview, Teams, Schedule and More

As The Championships starts very soon (Houston, at least), we look at how our team's and other teams' robots have progressed over the past 3 months and how we may progress in the competition over the next few days.


Team 4613 have been placed in the Galileo division, along with some very competitive teams to play with and against.

There are multiple excellent scale bots, switch bots, vault bots and they will provide loads of competition in this division.


A list of teams in our division may be found here: team4613.org/GalileoTeams


Our teams' draft schedule for the competition is below:


Any tournament involving FIRST is hard to predict as many teams have made adjustments before Champs and lots of unlikely results are VERY likely, especially in this year's game.

The Redbacks would prefer to top the division, but even we know that is highly unlikely considering the amount of firepower provided from the other teams in the division. Hopefully we're in a position to become an alliance captain, but we have to take things one step at a time.

Although most of the 'powerhouse teams' are scattered across the remaining divisions, Galileo isn't a relatively easy one either. We'll be playing against some of the best teams in the world, which will be hard and all 68 teams will be vying to take home four ranking points every match.


The action may be followed live through our webstream at team4613.org/live. Updates will also be posted on our Twitter account @BarkerRobotics throughout the competition

Good luck to all teams participating! For more previews like this for our teams competing stay updated to our blog posts in our blog section of our website. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our website by following team4613.org/Subscribe for exclusive information, important news and extra features.

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