Houston Day 1 - Practice Day

Champs is back!

The new layout in the George R Brown Convention Center really showed how a World Championship should have been - fields overlooking each other to show the action from one end to the other, our students truly amazed with the scale (ha!) of the event.

The students met up with other Australian teams this morning just outside the event before heading to the Innovation Faire for the early afternoon. There were many different stalls including features such as advanced robots, VR (Virtual Reality) and much more.

The practice matches began at 6pm, with Team 4613 participating in the last match of the day. Undoubtedly the highlight was performing a competition-first 4 cube autonomous into the low switch, all in the space of 15 seconds. Our students were also enthusiastic throughout the day and met many other teams, with shirt trades the majority of the talking points between students.

The first qualification match begins at 8:30am CT (11:30pm AEST), with the first Team 4613 qualification match (Q6) at ~9:05am CT (12:05am AEST, 20 April).

Our schedule is here:

We have some intriguing matches tomorrow before some amazing opposition on Friday. The team will be looking to have a great time and hopefully enjoy some much needed sleep.

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