Day 2 - Qualification Matches

Team 4613 competed in four qualification matches today, taking away at least three ranking points every match. The day end rank after 52 matches for 4613 was fourth, behind 1986 - Team Titanium, 4635 - Botbusters and 4910 - East Cobb Robotics, at an average of 3.25 ranking points per match,

The first match (Q6) was a relatively straightforward match with 1986, earning all four ranking points just in time. Our next match (Q12) was slightly against the run of play, with a win unlikely. An extended lunch break coupled with the lack of 4613 matches until around 2pm gave the strategy team enough time to finalise work for Q31 and Q37, both of which were won with three ranking points apiece.

Matches tomorrow will be streamed at starting at Qualification 53 at around 8:00am. This will be followed by awards and alliance selection. Another quick summary will be posted tomorrow evening.

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