DDU 2018: Day 3

Day 3 was pretty much straightforward as we flew through the remaining qualification matches. Come alliance selection, and 4613 was once again picked by 5584 - IC Robotics. Teams 9510 - Pymble Pride II and 6035 - House of Ulladulla completed the top seed alliance.

Team Sid were picked by 8995 - Project Bucephalus II for Alliance 4, with 6510 - Pymble Pride and 6836 - The Tinkerers finishing the selection.

Quarterfinals didn't go easy for Alliance 1, as a red card meant a helicopter yellow card for the remaining matches as well as copping a loss. Alliance 4 won two matches in succession to book a spot on the semifinals, while Alliance 1 came from behind to clinch the last semifinal berth and schedule a very interesting Semifinal 1.

With both Barker teams on the two alliances flanked by a Pymble Pride team each, Alliance 1 edged out the first match unconvincingly, thanks to some great work on the scale by 5584 - IC Robotics to stop Team Sid gaining ownership on the blue side. Headaches came for Barker in the second match as Sid's towering figure came crashing down onto the switch, after the elevator encountered some issues and couldn't retract. The mechanical team found a lot of work to do at the end from the robot's fall, but on the up side there were no more matches for Sid to play as Alliance 1 were more clinical, sealing a spot in the final.

With a final set up against Alliance 3 consisting of new team 9555 - Iona Fusion, with 5985 - Project Bucephalus, 7023 - Oxley High and 9761 - Illawarra, Alliance 1 gained early control of the first match through autonomous. With the early advantage, the alliance held on to win the match, once again 5584 - IC Robotics doing the honours on the scale while 4613 attacked switches and 6035 - House of Ulladulla fed the exchange plenty of cubes. However, Alliance 3 came roaring back to win the following two matches, courtesy of great work especially from 5985 - Project Bucephalus on the scale and protecting the ownership of the switch.

And that's a wrap from the 2018 Duel Down Under! Last-second wins, great comebacks and definitely the spirit of coopertition; great way to finish the Australian FRC season! A very big thank you to Luan Heimlich from FIRST Australia for organising this event, it was a pleasure to participate!

However, for Team 4613 we still have a final competition starting Monday in China. The China Robotics Challenge will be taking place in Hangzhou from Monday through Wednesday, where our competition robot Scorpion will be competing with some of the best teams from around the world! Follow @BarkerRobotics on Twitter to stay updated during the competition.

Some more photos from DDU:

Massive thanks to Matt B and Sean Z for being responsible drive coaches

Alliance 4: Sid, Project Bucephalus, Pymble Pride

Catch us hanging in China in the next few days!

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