4613 @ Turing - Houston: Preview

The Houston Championships are here! 2019's Turing Division is home to some of the world's best teams and great competition, so we're ready for relatively high-scoring matches in the next few days!


The division can be followed live on team4613.org/live and will be streaming from ~11pm to ~8am AEST for those who want to follow from home


Turing Division is a must-watch this year. Multiple Championship winning teams have been placed in one of the hardest divisions at this year's championships. From one of the most recognisable names in FRC, Team 254 - The Cheesy Poofs will be looking to make three Championship wins in a row, while Team 1619 - Up-A-Creek Robotics was also a force to be reckoned with in Hopper Division in 2017. The list continues with Team 2383 - Ninjineers, whom we met at New York City in 2017, some more good #TeamIFI friends 3310 - Black Hawk Robotics, while 5012 - Gryffingear was also a standout performer in China. Finally, Team 6579 - Komplete Kaos, will be looking to wreak havoc as our fellow Australians look to make an impact at Houston, but, who knows how this will turn out?


The full list of teams may be found at team4613.org/TuringTeams


The full schedule has not yet been released, however a preliminary draft is available at team4613.org/TuringDraft


The competition is completely open, however there are some deciding factors in the rankings, and our research has shown some interesting results. Team 254 - The Cheesy Poofs are considered by many to be one of the favourites to win the division, with 1619 - Up-A-Creek Robotics and 3310 - Black Hawk Robotics not far behind. With a match against our IFI buddies 3310, it's a great opportunity to adapt to different match situations and improve for our following matches. We aren't writing anybody off, and the Redbacks are still looking to come out of the division at the top of the pile to finally reach glorious Einstein Field at Minute Maid Park

We wish the best of luck to all teams participating at Houston, on Carver, Hopper, Galileo, Newton, Roebling and Turing fields. Our team members will be watching the action in each division as they take in the atmosphere of a Championship! For more previews, stay updated with our blog posts and social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to our mailing list at team4613.org/Sub for exclusive information, important news and extra features

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